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As you all remember, I have always gotten cartoon crushes. but now that I am getting older, and I feeling new types of love. like to love your family. :aww: I already knew how to love my family but still. I have been looking back in the past and noticing, I never really had a crush on some of my crushes. :hmm: They were just different forms of love and I never knew it. Now, I will be talking about my crushes and why I liked them(or thought I liked them)

Rayman: The reason why I liked Rayman was, I just wanted to be Raygirl. Once, I even changed her hair color to brown so she would be more like me. So I guess Rayman was just a half crush. But I really did enjoy drawing RaymanXRaygirl pictures. :aww:

Eggman: Okaaaay.... It was very shocking when I discovered, I only liked Eggman as a dad. :hmm: no kidding. The love in my heart was just how a little girl loves her daddy. Or in this case, a second dad. It was really crazy because I thought I was a ...fangirl. ^^; looking back I was so weird! I wish I had a time machine so I can tell myself how I felt. Also saving my reputation on DeviantART...

Ice King: Aaaaalrighty then. This guy gave me the most trouble. Grump It.Was.Crazy! Roll Eyes I wish I have never liked him. I was making fake problems for myself, and it was a big mess in my mind. I have been pitying someone, and I feel love in my heart... :iconseriousdaffyplz: when I realized that....I thought...I never...EVER, really liked Ice King...I only liked Ice King out of pity because of that one episode "What is Life" The love in my heart for him was pity, and I felt bad for him. It was not a crush.

Snow Miser: I still like this guy. :) and I really think he is cool. ;) But I think the reason why I liked him so much was my love for my childhood, stop motion animation, and Christmas. Don't get me wrong I still like the guy, but the reason why I liked him so much is because I missed being a kid, and he made me feel like I was in a pretty Rankin/Bass special. :aww: 

Quasimodo: Well, I first liked him in October. When my sisters and I were watching the movie, the part were Esmeralda kisses Pheobus. and When I saw him cry...That is when I said, without even knowing, "But Quasi, I love you." I said that very quietly. and I had no idea I liked him. Pity again? Not so sure. I have watched him before seeing how beautiful his personality is. :aww: After that, I decided, I really did love him. and I still do to this day. :heart:

L.R.H. : Alright. ^^; not sure why I liked him. I guess I was attracted to the weirdness. But here's one thing, I was first very, VERY weirded out by him(because he was based off of the Blue Meanies from Yellow Submarine. I am not afraid of Yellow Sub or anything from it anymore, though) But I just saw he was a nice guy I guess. :) That is when I learned never to judge by appearance. (I learned with Quasi too) I don't like L anymore. and I am SOOOO sorry for weirding you out with me liking him. ^^; 

Long Shadow: You know, from Justice League Unlimited? Only in one episode. the mystery guy BatSnipe liked?? Yes, I drew him so it is kind of obvious. and I don't want to keep it secret anymore(also I don't think I want BatSnipe to be me anymore. I want to make her her own OC.) anyway, I watched the episode "Ultimatum" saw how true of a hero he was and how childlike(childish at timesRoll Eyes ) he can be. I like him. Bucktooth 

Well that was interesting, wasn't it? :D I only wanted to talk about the crushes I wanted to. and the crushes that weren't really crushes. 
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United States
Hello everyone. My name is Karissa. :) In some of my pictures in my gallery, you see my drawing style. yes, it is very different from the other drawing styles you see here. I developed this drawing style myself through the years. :aww: I'm a girl who loves to make fan characters, and stories. I'm am also a Christian. I also like to make friends. I'm a bit girly, and some may call me funny. but I also have very low self esteem, and I'm not a big fan of myself. but one day, I wish to become a movie maker or a writer. :) I draw a lot of stuff I like, but one of the main reasons I like to draw, is to put a smile on people's face. :aww:
I love :iconcutequasiplz: with all my :heart:

my Neopets account:…

:star: Best :iconsweetdream87::iconsmall-world-queen:Friends:star:

Favourite cartoon characters: James and the Giant Peach cast, Snow Miser, Pinky and The Brain, Marvin the Marian, Rayman(1, 2 and 3) Delete(Cyberchase), Daisy Duck, Minnie Mouse, Quasimodo(Disney), Kermit the frog, Gumby and Pokey, G3 Pinkie Pie, Alice(Alice in Wonderland) Rapunzel
Favourite style of art: American Cartoon

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JIMENOPOLIX 1 day ago  Student Filmographer
Guess what? That drawing of Quasimodo I made for you? It was sent to the group comicUnderground!…
Chances are that some people would be directed to your page! :aww:
Oh good! ^^ thank you. :aww: and you can submit anything of mine to any groups too. I also got a commission for me and Quasi, now more people will see how much he means to me. 
JIMENOPOLIX 1 day ago  Student Filmographer
You're welcome!
and thank you for being one of the only people who made me something for my birthday last year.
(1 Reply)
I saw!!! ^^ thank you so much! and I didn't mind it being late. :aww:
Hello, I like your artwork.
Thank you. :aww:
and do you really mean it? I mean, please don't comment if you just want me to watch you or comment on your art. be honest please. 
Your welcome. I do mean it, you have a very nice art style. I love the colours you use. I like your Sonic related pictures the best. :)
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