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We've casted Elise!! :iconmapuri: Got the part! ^^ But we still need a lot more voices! :D 

Good news! We Now have two more voices!! :iconkizunayui-studios: as Queen Satiya, and :iconsilverluver123: as Connie!! :D Thank you so much for this! :)


We found a voice for Kiser Gray!! :D My dad. Yes, he is very fitting for the voice. But we still need a lot more! :D


A lot of you know, Megablast is going to be an internet series. :iconsuperobert223: and I have been working hard on it. But there's one thing we need your help with, voices for the characters. 

I will say what the characters sound like, and if you can do any voices like that, then you can audition for the part as them.

-a good quality voice recorder. If you have a Samsung Galaxy tablet, I recommend the Easy Voice Recorder app.
-a flexible voice. One that can scream, yell, or go into character when needed.
-a lively voice that is convincing.
-you are allowed to change the character's voice type a little. I want them to be unique anyway.
-if your positive you want to be one of the voices, note me.
- here are some lines for the characters  Megablast character linesJaron lines-
"*groan* why do we have to do this?"
"Alright! I'm been waiting for some action!"
"We've got to stop Arson's army!"
Van lines-
"I'm sorry if I'm not good at speaking"
"I know how to fight with the stick I have. I could be a good addition to your team"
"That ratcoon stole my hand-burger!"
Lana lines-
"What can I say? I think with maps."
"Let's get serious about this."
"Paula, why did you have to come in with mud on your feet?"
Connie lines-
"Stargazing is a hobby for me! I feel like I am one with the stars!
"We did it, team!!"
"Stand back, I'm going to blast them with my star powers!"
Jeffery lines-
"Well I'm sorry if you don't get computers."
"I can go on and on about how to program things."
"I don't have many friends, but I treasure the ones I have."
Arson lines-
"We'll soon win this war. YOU HEAR THAT DAD???"
"The enemy of my enemy, is probably a bigger enemy!"
"Can someone remind me WHY I MARRIED YOU??"
Jeanette lines-
"Because you did."
"Diamonds are a girl's best frie


Dmitri- sounds like the racing snail guy from Neverending Story(the little gentleman in the top hat. Sorry I couldn't find more footage of him)

Ferdinand-Like the guy from Spongebob "Chocolate with Nuts" the guy at the fancy restaurant telling Squidward the place has been rented out to a private party.

Jaron- Like a younger more serious Jonah Hill. and a little less modern sounding. it only gets like that when he is bored, complaining, or sassy.(the nerd guy you see here, who transforms into a super hero)

Jeanette-4:40 minutes in. the witch lady from Cyberchase.

Van- Like Rook(the blue guy) from ben 10 Omniverse
Arson- Like Father, only a little less whiny.

Lana- Like her(sorry for the weird promo. but what can I say? super powers ARE fun. :XD: ) only a bit deeper.

Chet- like a younger Weird Al(the orange garbage truck guy)

Kile- real little boy voice needed. and I don't want him to sound like an woman doing a little boy. But if you could do a little boy voice and make it sounds real, that would be nice. ^^

Jeffery the nerd- I don't have q voice planned for him yet. just nothing like a stereotypical nerd. 

Dee- Like this bad guy over here.

(miner characters)
Mara(Arson's daughter)-I would like a real little girl for her, but if you can sound like one that would be nice.

Zavier-I don't have a voice type of him, just a deepish guy around the age of 17-19.
Queen Vennah(Van's mom)- an uppity queen lady.
Cnag(Kari's evil dad)- I don't have a voice for him yet either. Just something deep sounding)
Tara(Kari's mom)- don't have a voice for her. Just something mom sounding.
Dosh(Satiya's assistant)- Like the red robot here. Only a little bit deeper

Nepp(the shorter assistant to Satiya)- like this weirdo over here at around 12:00. looks like this…

Quip(Dee's yes man)- I don't have a voice for him yet. But he says little sassy/annoyed comments.

Kari and Paula have voices already. I will upload some lines of the characters very soon. 

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United States
Hello everyone. My name is Karissa. :) In some of my pictures in my gallery, you see my drawing style. yes, it is very different from the other drawing styles you see here. I developed this drawing style myself through the years. :aww: I'm a girl who loves to make fan characters, and stories. I'm am also a Christian. I also like to make friends. I'm a bit girly, and some may call me funny. but I also have very low self esteem, and I'm not a big fan of myself. but one day, I wish to become a movie maker or a writer. :) I draw a lot of stuff I like, but one of the main reasons I like to draw, is to put a smile on people's face. :aww:

my Neopets account:…
My Tumblr account:

:star: Best :iconsweetdream87::iconsmall-world-queen:Friends:star:
:heart: My :icongalaxygirl5::iconraygirl4evah:Sisters:heart:

Favourite cartoon characters: James and the Giant Peach cast, Snow Miser, Pinky and The Brain, Rayman(1, 2 and 3) Delete(Cyberchase), Daisy Duck, Minnie Mouse, Kermit the frog, Rapunzel, Bass and Treble(from the Pixar short "One Man Band"), The Penguin(Batman TAS), King Candy(Wreck-It Ralph), Metalbeard(Leog Movie), NiGHTS, Jeremy(Yellow Submarine), Bing Bong(Inside Out)

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Adode Photoshop 7.0. I some times color things on Paint, like the mini's.
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